Term of Use

General Disclaimer:

  1. You are invited to use lonamakeup.com for legal purposes only. You may not use the site for fraudulent purpose; make false representations or false reservations.
  2. All notices, comments, and communications regarding this website should be sent via email to beauty [ at ] lonamakeup.com
  3. By using the lonamakeup.com or any associated web sites, you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following terms of use, which are subject to change at any time.
  4. Each makeup artist and hairstylist of LONA has a commitment to work professionally and gives the best effort for clients' satisfaction. However, LONA cannot guarantee each client’s satisfaction due to perception differences, subjectivity, or other external factors.
  5. Lonamakeup.com has the full copyrights of all artworks and makeup portfolios featured in this website including the before - after makeup.

Reservation Policy:

  1. All clients must provide accurate informations related to reservation, such as :
    • Full name of Bride & Groom, address (Bride), and mobile phone (Bride).
    • Definite date of the event (wedding, pre wedding, commercial shoot, fashion show).
    • Definite time of the event.
    • Detail requirements (how many people need hair & makeup, etc).
  2. LONA is only responsible for the reservation made by clients, other things not mentioned in the reservation has no liability upon LONA.
  3. LONA has full right to substitute the makeup artist and or hair stylist in the event of accident, pregnancy problem, and other emergencies, such as severe illness and hospitalization.
  4. Reservation in LONA based on down payment settlement. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to secure LONA team availability for an event reservation.
  5. Agreement made between LONA and clients are permanent, any changes made i.e. schedule change, additional makeup requirements, etc are subject to availability and needs to be consulted first with LONA.
  6. LONA has full right to terminate a confirmed reservation without any obligation to return down payments in a condition of change of reservation or schedule from a client that will interfere with another clients’ reservation.

Trial Session:

  • Trial session is not a part of the reservation process. A booking confirmation must be confirmed three days after the trial done.
  • LONA must receive the deposit payment within three (3) days after the trial done. Without 50% deposit payment, LONA has full right to distribute all of the available team for another event. Thus, all team of LONA has no longer be available anymore.
  • Trial session is normally available between 10 am – 1 pm everyday. Please note that trial appointment is always set as a tentative booking. This means that LONA has full right to move the trial schedule on the requested trial date.

Term of Payment:

  • LONA must receive the 50% non-refundable deposit within three (3) working days after the payment instructions have been given to you. If the 50% deposit is not received within this time, your reservation will be considered as NOT CONFIRMED until such payment is received.
  • Payment option for overseas clients can be considered as follow:
    • Payment by Telegraphic Transfer (IDR Transaction only):
      LONA requires full amount payment for all transactions. All charges incurred for Telex Transfer transactions will be borne by the client.
    • Payment by Pay Pal ($ USD Transaction only):
      LONA is PayPal verified member, so all payment can be transferred securely, quickly and easily with additional charge up to $ 25 USD to cover International transfer fee.

Cancellation Fee:

  1. A confirmed reservation is permanent. Please manage your reservation carefully as the 50% cancellation fee based on original rates stated on the price list would be applied to each person for every cancelled item or service.
  2. Cancellation occurs on the event date will be charged at a full normal rate according to the reservation.