Bali Makeup Tips

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hannyHanny Herijanto is the company founder of LONA. He was born in Mojokerto, East Java in 1976 and graduated from Petra Christian University Surabaya with a degree in Real Estate Management. Bali was the first place he had in mind when deciding to move out of Surabaya in 2000 and he started out working as an Accountant in a well-known consumer goods company. Then, he was also an area sales manager of Indonesia’s leading mattress company for Bali and Lombok area.

He is not a professional makeup artist or hairstylist but he is simply the mastermind of LONA. He met Chai Ilonna, the professional makeup artist in 2005 and married in 2006. He always knows that Chai Ilonna is a great and talented makeup artist and he has a great vision for her future. He would like to support his beloved wife and his team at by giving his most outstanding thoughts and ideas. He strongly believes that will be the leading makeup company in Bali, an achievement that would make the team proud. His recent hobby is photography thanks to countless meeting with wedding photographers in Bali.

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