Bali Makeup Tips

The Secret of Fabulous Makeup

Fabulous makeup always starts with healthy skin, perfected by the makeup artist’s skills and knowledge of how to choose and apply cosmetic products. Learn more about how LONA MAKEUP work on every face to create flattering beauty:

Knowing what’s appropriate with makeup really matters.
Our makeup team understands how to tailor your makeup and hairstyle to fit the time, place, and event. Applying makeup for indoor and outdoor pre wedding shoots, weddings, fashion runways, job interviews, and evening makeup for parties each requires a distinctly different method.

We understand that every woman has a distinctive and beautiful face.
The ability to recognize bone structure, understanding of lighting, and individual skin tone are the key factors in determining what makeup correction is required to cover flaws and expose the strong points of face. Contouring and shadowing are used to create dimensional makeup and express your unique face.

We always use proper tools and high quality makeup products.
Our professional makeup artists always use the world’s leading cosmetic products and quality tools, such as Bobbi Brown, MAC, Makeup For Ever, Bare Minerals, YSL, Shu Uemura, Anna Sui, and Japanese products. Each product offers unique benefits and can be used safely, even on sensitive skin. Quality makeup products are long lasting and offer proper coverage to hide flaws and uneven skin tones.

There is no “magic” makeup product. The true “magic” is in the application.
Attention to every step and sharp makeup details are LONA methods to create flattering beauty, especially around the eyes. Eyes are the first thing anyone notices in our face and to give the right impression you need to be bright. Overdoing makeup is the worst thing you can do, while the right amount and proper makeup application will give you your desired results.

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