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Talking Trial Session

Trial session is one of the important parts of a wedding preparation and this article tries to give a better understanding on how LONA conducts trial session and things to keep in mind while doing it. Trial session aims to get a quick look at the makeup and or hairstyle before the wedding day. The team of LONA will help the bride to do corrective makeup application, choose the right color and the comfortable eyelashes, and the hairstyle that fits for clients. With those thoughts in mind hence trial session needs to happen shortly before the actual wedding day with considerations as follow:

  • There is not any big difference in skin condition. When there is significant difference in skin condition on the trial session and the wedding day, the makeup techniques applied will be different thus results will be different.
  • There is not any big difference in body weights. Weight gain/loss will affect corrective makeup application.
  • There is not any difference in hair & makeup preference or taste from the clients. Trial session done long before the actual wedding day will cause confusion and major changes since hair and makeup trends are changing from time to time.

Some brides choose to do trial session long before their actual wedding day because of many reasons and intentions, such as :

  • They need to prove the quality of the makeup artist.
  • They want to compare the makeup results from different makeup artists before making the final decision of which one to choose.
  • They do not have enough time to do it because of certain reasons.

It is natural that every bride has her own considerations related to the most important day in her life. However, they need to remember that makeup and hairdo trial session done shortly before the actual wedding day will help the makeup artist and hairstylist to better interpret their preference and requests as a makeup standard and guidance on the actual wedding day.

Website and portfolios can really represent the quality and style of a makeup artist, as long as there is not any manipulation on it, this could help the bride to select which makeup artist to choose. And when the bride decides to do a trial session, the purpose is to get a quick makeup look before the wedding day. Once a makeup artist is chosen, the bride just needs to build a good communication with the makeup artist to explain certain expectation of the bride and build a trust towards the makeup artists to give their best for such an unforgettable moment in life.

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