Bali Makeup Tips

Bali Wedding Makeup Tips 2

You need to have some preparations for the best makeup result leading up to your wedding day. Remember that cosmetic products can be applied best to healthy well cared of skin. Each makeup artist uses a variety of methods to create makeup corrections by applying cosmetic products. All of these efforts will be more effective if they are supported by good skin conditions. These Bali wedding makeup tips will help you get prepared:

  • Use a moisturizer regularly leading up to your wedding day to ensure your skin is elastic and firm to make it easier to apply cosmetics perfectly.
  • Stop all types of skincare, which result in redness or spots like facials or chemical peels, as it will take time for your skin to recover.
  • Have a good quality of sleep before your wedding day, so your body’s stamina is in prime condition. This will keep your eyes looking fresh and alert, and will reduce dark circles under the eyes.
  • Wash your hair without conditioner before your wedding day and dry it directly. This will give you clean hair, which can easily be styled by our hair stylist and a long lasting result.

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