Bali Makeup Tips

Bali Pre Wedding Makeup Tips

There is nothing more exciting than having your own pre wedding photography session with your loved one in the best location wearing the best outfit and makeup that will later make the guests admire the results. Here are some Bali pre wedding makeup tips from LONA :

1. Choose the right time and the right location.

Just like in photography, lighting plays a big part in makeup to make you either fabulous or dreadful in your pre wedding photos. If the photo shoots are out-door, choose either morning or afternoon hours. Morning sun up to 09:30 gives the perfect soft light and afternoon hours from 15:30 to 17:30 makes a good lighting effect on the makeup. Avoid outdoor photo shoots during midday since it gives chance for imperfections and dark circles to show up on the face. Alternatively, organize an indoor photo shoots in a café, restaurants or museums during midday.

2. Be a good organizer.

Make sure you have enough time to shoot at each location. Do not force to shoot at too many locations in one day so that the photographer and makeup artist should have enough time to maximize their work and do some re-touch on your make up in sufficient time. Bring sufficient clothing, accessories, shoes, and sandals as you will need them to coordinate with the theme of the shoots.

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