Bali Makeup Tips

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My name is Hanny Herijanto and I'm the founder of LONA. I would like to feature this blog to provide you with the proper information that you need to know about makeup, especially for Bali wedding makeup and Bali pre wedding makeup. The information is a result of some great experiences when I observed my wonderful team who always work professionally and efficiently within every project.

There are some small yet important things to notice in the articles here. I hope they will help you comprehend the importance of a situation and take initiative to anticipate problems, especially for the brides who are planning to have their pre wedding shoots and wedding in Bali.

I would like to thank my beloved wife, Chai Ilonna, and all the team member of LONA that I'm always proud of. Thank you for all the hard work to put clients' satisfaction on top of everything.

Talking Trial Session

Trial session is one of the important parts of a wedding preparation and this article tries to give a better understanding on how LONA conducts trial session and things to keep in mind while doing it. Trial session aims to get a quick look at the makeup and or hairstyle before the wedding day. The team of LONA will help the bride to┬ádo corrective makeup application, choose the right color and the comfortable eyelashes, and the hairstyle that fits for clients. (more…)

The Secret of Fabulous Makeup

Fabulous makeup always starts with healthy skin, perfected by the makeup artist’s skills and knowledge of how to choose and apply cosmetic products. Learn more about how LONA MAKEUP work on every face to create flattering beauty: (more…)

Bali Pre Wedding Makeup Tips

There is nothing more exciting than having your own pre wedding photography session with your loved one in the best location wearing the best outfit and makeup that will later make the guests admire the results. Here are some Bali pre wedding makeup tips from LONA : (more…)

Bali Wedding Makeup Tips 2

You need to have some preparations for the best makeup result leading up to your wedding day. Remember that cosmetic products can be applied best to healthy well cared of skin. Each makeup artist uses a variety of methods to create makeup corrections by applying cosmetic products. All of these efforts will be more effective if they are supported by good skin conditions. These Bali wedding makeup tips will help you get prepared: (more…)

Bali Wedding Makeup Tips 1

Wedding is a precious moment in life and one should look unforgettably stunning. When a decision made to have a wedding in Bali, consider useful references from friends who had done this before. Moreover, when hiring a professional hair stylist and makeup artist for wedding in Bali seems to be a good choice, make sure to note these Bali wedding makeup tips from LONA MAKEUP: (more…)