Media Exposure

Working With Professionals

LONA is dedicated to deliver uncompromised quality for years, and the fact that Chai Ilona, the persona behind the brand LONA, has been contributor for several Bali photoshoots for magazines determines her sense of quality. This has been an interesting challenge for her, to be working together with editorial and documentation team of a magazine is all about flexibility, quality, and creativity at the same time. Extraordinary images are produced in such amazing process with other professionals and automatically bring a make up artist's skill to the next level.

Having a good cooperation and communication between the makeup artist, fashion stylist, and photographer are vital as it plays an important role in deciding what sort of eccentricity that needs to be highlighted in makeover. Looking special needs an effort, an asset, and accessories. Combine the hair and makeup style from LONA with the right wardrobe, jewelries, shoes, and confidence, then one can really "shine". Never hesitate to brainstorm as LONA team has an extensive collection and ideas on how to look perfect on every occasion. Working in harmony is the secret to it, a good balance between wardrobe, colors, theme, event, location, lighting, the right makeup and hairstyle as well as accessories is a formula to maximize one's look in a full transformation.