Bali Makeup Artist for Commercial Advertising

Bali Commercial Make up

Makeup is one of the important parts of any advertising campaign. Depending on the theme of the advertisement, the Bali makeup artists & hair stylists of LONA can transform a face into a variety of looks and personality. Makeup for commercial advertising should successfully delivers the message of the products, that is why LONA actualize the relevant hair and makeup style for any advertising campaigns in various media in Bali; television, magazine, catalogue, brochures, even billboards. LONA understands that it is essential to create different look for different advertising purposes, like natural look for health products, simple elegant look for banking or property, or glamorous look for lifestyle related products, that is why they use the latest makeup techniques and practice cooperative manner to support the advertising needs.

The team is comprised of professional Bali makeup artists & hair stylists who have the integrity to give their best in every process of advertising photo shoots and work closely with fashion stylists, photographers, and art directors. The dedicated team will be involved in every step of the shoot to continuously improve and retouch the makeup, hairstyle, and look of the models. Patience is the keyword in doing the process and it allows creative process to take place during the shoots aiming for the best image representing the products. The main concern for LONA in advertising commercial makeup in Bali is creating the look which best represent company's style.